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Arcin develops and engineers primarily technology projects in domestic and international plant construction. Our well experienced team can cover the entire range of works in a construction project across all trades. With this setup we are able to offer our clients an integrated design approach. Developed as a whole it is ensured that no any aspect will be missed and interfaces are reduced to a minimum.

Our team consists of engineers, architects and technicians completed by the commercial team. All are experts in the field of international large scale construction projects able to design all trades in a sustainable manor and professionally synchronise and execute them.

Our Offer

We supply consultancy, design and project management services along the value chain in plant construction. Due to our experience in miscellaneous industries we own interdisciplinary knowhow in production, process and facility engineering.

Overall Design

An integrated total design reduces the amount of interfaces for the costumer significantly. We ensure that all trades and all aspects of the project are precisely aligned with each other.

Project Management

Our experts take over the coordination and management within the project. From scheduling to quality control, from safety up to document management, we ensure full satisfaction of our customer.



The long-term engineering competence of our employees takes us in a position to operate successfully on the market.  We know the developments processes of all disciplines and of the associated building construction. The size of our company paired with individual competence and international experience makes us a flexible and reliable partner for highly complex industrial and construction projects.

Project Development

With our long term experience across all trades we are a valuable partner for our clients and investors well before the project arrives in the execution stage. Our portfolio covers concepts, site analyses and feasibility studies as well as calculations, layout planning and 3D visualization.

Field Engineering

In order to ensure a smooth construction, our design engineers will accompany the project till the end. In the past it has proved to be successful that the design engineer supports the on-site construction management team during checks and acceptances as needed.



High-tech Industry

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Solar industry
    (Ingot, wafer, Cell, module)
  • Production
  • Laboratories
  • LED


Public Health

  • Hospitals
  • Medical specialised facility
  • Proton therapy
  • Nursing homes



  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Gymnasium
  • Kindergarten


Other Buildings

  • Detached homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Housing complexes
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Public Buildings



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