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Arcin was founded in April 2014 by five shareholders. Since then, Arcin successfully develops and designs and provides construction management services in miscellaneous industries at home and abroad. The partners complement each other in a perfect way by contributing their comprehensive experience in their individual core competences gained during many years in international project business


Every client is a reference – this is our target to establish a long-term cooperation with our clients and partners. This is the key to drive the development of future oriented solutions under consideration of the respective grown structures. A systematic approach, competence, experience and team spirit is our recipe to manage technical challenges on the way to a synchronised total solution.


Our team consists of experienced engineers, technicians, architects and commercial managers out of the international business of large projects, able to design sustainable and execute professionally. In the coming years, the team and respective support functions will be selectively expanded to serve the growing business.

Business Development

The healthy growth of our company is reflected in the number of projects given by our customers seeing arcin as reliable and trustful partner. With every new project we do our best to cement and expand the trusting bond between our clients and us.



Safety for people, nature and technique starts in your head. Already during the preparations of a project various safety aspects are to be considered. A consequent execution during the design and construction establishes the base to eliminate respectively minimise the existing hazards.

Environmental Protection

The protection of our environment is a task from all of us. Measures need to be considered which not only protect nature but also the people which are directly and indirectly impacted by a project. Respect for the valid standards of environmental protection increases the acceptance of the project and assures that we fulfil our responsibility for the people and nature.


Our employees represent the company towards the outside, produce work of high quality and therefore ensure that our clients are satisfied. It is therefore important to train the employees and to constantly improve their qualification. Every employee contributes to the success of the company. We offer guidance and at the same time leave the freedom to work independently and autonomously.


Small and big companies and organisations are amongst our customers. Above all, behind every firm there are people who we treat with respect and courtesy. With all our activities and services we focus on the actual expectations and needs of our clients. To listen to the client and understand him and subsequently develop a tailor-made solution for him, is our highest priority.

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